Trading and methods that help you in developing your system


In many places you will find different trading strategies.

Some sites, articles, and newspapers offer you strategies for free.

You can learn from these strategies by purchasing some of them as learning programs or participating in them regularly.

Where beginners traders face several problems in trading.

Some of them face inefficiency, or lack of time to trade, the absence of people with experience in trading.

In order not to be exposed to this matter, they prefer to participate in speculative systems for hundreds, and in some cases, for thousands of dollars.


Trading systems strategies

Are trading systems against hundreds of the best strategies to use in financial trading?

If you want a convincing answer to this question, you should first think about the disadvantages of using this approach to trade.

One of the reasons why a trader is to use the system that someone else developed.

This is because this system is characterized by ease for the novice trader, who does not need to study how the market works and the methods of interacting with the market.

This system does not make the trader need to educate himself or study it in depth.

This is because the previous user of the system did this, and gave him comprehensive reports to achieve virtual or real results.


Risks you face using another system or strategy

There are many trading systems that have defects.

The reason for this is its assumptions and the mechanism that is no longer true or accurate as it was.

How can you, as a trader, distinguish between good and bad systems.

If you are not familiar with the methods of building trading systems, you should follow the following.

All systems go through periods of decline, in some cases good systems do not make money for six months and can extend for a full year.

Can you continue to follow the system if it is a good system, even if it causes you a great loss?

You should not blindly follow a trading system, even if you are told that this system will bring you great wealth.


Automated trading

For example, if we run an experiment on a trader.

They gave them a fully automated trading system that was developed, and we clarified some rules that he must abide by.

After a period of following the system, we will find that the account of this trader has been lost.

This is because the trader violated the rules, and this is the result of the system suffering two consecutive losses.

The trader made an attempt to improve the results of the system.

This is, as we have indicated, that the system may be inappropriate with market conditions, so this trader has not followed the system.

This system also included several errors, including opening deals at the market price instead of buying.

Selling with stops placed at support and resistance levels.

He was breaking many other rules that we advised to abide by.

He often traded two hours before or after the closing at his personal discretion, and he had to execute the deals at the close.

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