Real trading in experimental test periods and decision-making methods


The trading market is not an easy market, so you should start with the Back Test tests.

And if you make sure that you get hundreds or thousands of deals and get out of them with a good result.

You will likely be more attracted to the idea of ​​moving to real trading directly.

This takes a great deal of time with many traders, so that a trader can configure Forex systems to move to real trading.

These systems are used by experimental trading, and many traders fall into the trap of rushing.


Trading during the beta test period

And you do not want to pass the trial period and enter the real market after completing the back test stage.

You have to think carefully about this, because there is a big difference between performance in the past and results achieved in real reality.

Therefore, you must realize that the next job will be hard, as it is possible that you will not achieve the same results that you obtained from the Pak Test.

Where you find yourself during the demo trading, you face many life tasks that you have to do besides trading.


Trading systems

In trading there are some systems that can help you achieve great performance.

As for the Pak test phase, you will almost be unable to repeat the same results, because it is impossible to integrate into your daily life schedule.

Or, for several other reasons,

 such that these systems require resources that are difficult to provide immediately.

For example, you may discover that you need to trade on the mobile, and if you were at work during the period of market activity, you will not be able to trade.

And if forex deals only come in late night times, this means that you will have to trade during your sleep times.

This will make you need to place a large number of price alerts.

These alerts will wake you up at important trading times, but after each time you’ll find that you need a whole new system.

If the system release generates incorrect alerts, the result will be the loss of the same trades that were successful during the beta test.


Make trading decisions

And soon you will discover that time plays a big role in trading psychology.

In the back test stage, you will be able to move the charts.

You will also be able to make trading decisions in seconds or minutes without having to think about it.

And you will find the same deals when you move to the real world of trading, these deals will be distributed over wide time periods that may be hours, days or even weeks.

Throughout this period, you will find that your feelings are contradictory about the decision taken.

This will make you fall under a large number of contradictory feelings throughout this period.

A lot of times you will be distracted by the decision that you have to make during the bac test, to discover that you cannot find an answer.

It will take you a long time to know the things that the time factor will affect your trading.

You may discover that you need to trade on different time frames or that what you are lacking is only the control of your feelings.

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