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Forex books that I recommend reading


Learning to trade forex may be an easier task if you have previous experience in the stock markets, commodities, futures, or options, but if you are completely new to the world of trading, you will need to start learning the basics. Reading books specializing in forex trading is perhaps the most helpful way to take your first steps into this exciting world. There is a huge number of literatures on Forex and trading in general, which is why you may find it very difficult to find books where you can find real interest. This dilemma prompted me to prepare a list of the Forex books that I recommend reading and which you will not need to search for others. These books have helped hundreds of traders, me and me, so you can be sure that your time is not wasted while browsing through them.


Getting Started with Currency Trading by Michael Archer and Jim Pickford.

This forex trading book explains all aspects of this exciting world, from the simplest fundamentals to advanced topics.

All this in a simple and easy-to-understand manner that makes it even more useful for new traders. If you do not have the time or money to buy one book, then I advise you to choose this book as it will provide you with almost everything you need to start trading in a successful way.


Trade Your Way To Reach Financial Freedom by Van K. Tharp. The author of this book is one of the most important coaches in the world of trading as well as an expert in the behavioral aspects of the financial markets. The book covers the most problematic aspects of currency trading such as the influence of emotions and sentiments, position size determination, and system development. It is also easy to read and contains a large amount of interesting information as well as being very useful.


Encyclopedia of Chart Models by Thomas Pulkowski. This book takes the form of a true encyclopedia except that it replaces words with accurate definitions and descriptions of chart patterns, which are of great importance to traders of technical analysis, as they are often used as the basis for many Forex trading systems and strategies. This comprehensive encyclopedia includes descriptions, statistics, recommendations, and examples of all chart models.


Defeat the forex broker by Justin Sylvani. This book is not primarily aimed at newcomers to the Forex world, but I recommend that you read it immediately as soon as you gain basic knowledge of trading while gaining some practical experience. This book will assist you in developing a forex trading strategy in the real market as well as how to live with the world of currency trading without problems.


Disciplined Roller composed by Mark Douglas. Self-discipline is one of the most important hallmarks of a successful Forex trader. Unfortunately, many of us miss this important virtue. This book talks about discipline in trading, what are the advantages that you will gain from adhering to it, and how to achieve the goals you aspire to without facing psychological pressure.


As the popular saying goes, the education train will never miss its time, and that is why after reading these books that I recommend it remains necessary to continue the learning journey and read more of them while striving to develop your level of knowledge of the Forex world. This list is an important reference for beginners who are still taking their first steps in the trading world and may not know where to start.

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